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About Us

 Need a place to order meat online? Look no further than our online meat shop!

Hoosier Meat Company sets itself apart from the quality of our meats, how they are raised and the path they take to your doorstep.  Other online butcher shops are merely middleman companies that procure their meat from factory farms or even overseas.  These animals are never even seen by these companies, therefore never guaranteeing how they reach your table.  

Just compare the path our meats take to your table compared to other online/grocery stores:

Other Companies:

Other Company's Path To Your Table


Hoosier Meat Company:

Hoosier Meat Company Path to Your Table


However, our meats come straight from the Kennedy family farm in central Indiana.  We have raised livestock for over 100 years and continue to humanely and naturally raise sheep and cattle. Not only does our meat ship straight from the farm, but we are actually the ones raising it.  We wanted to cut out the middleman markups and bring you a quality meat at a less expensive price than the other guys. Get higher quality meat from the comfort and convenience of you couch and eat dinner with peace of mind knowing how and where your meat comes from. Order your meat online today and you can taste the difference!