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Q- What makes Hoosier Meat Company different from other meat delivery services?

A- Hoosier Meat Company sets itself apart from the quality of our meats, how they are raised and the path they take to your doorstep.  Other online butcher shops are merely middleman companies that procure their meat from factory farms or even overseas.  These animals are never even seen by these companies, therefore never guaranteeing how they reach your table.  

However, our meats come straight from the Kennedy family farm in central Indiana.  We have raised livestock for over 100 years and continue to humanely and naturally raise sheep and cattle. Not only does our meat ship straight from the farm, but we are actually the ones raising it.  We wanted to cut out the middleman markups and bring you a quality meat at a less expensive price than the other guys.  Order today and you can taste the difference!

Q- What breeds of sheep and cattle do you have?

A- Our sheep are the Suffolk breed.  Suffolks originated in England before being brought to America over 100 years ago.  Unlike Australian/New Zealand sheep, Suffolk sheep are known for their muscle and high quality/marbling of all cuts of meat.  This lamb meat is the highest quality available and you can taste the difference.

Our cattle are the Angus breed.  Long known for their quality and distinction from other breeds, Angus cattle also provide an excellent marbled and tasting meat.  Taste the quality for yourself today!

Q- If I place an order on Wednesday, when will my products be delivered?

A- If you are in our 2-day delivery zone you will received your order on the following Wednesday, or 1 week.  All of our orders are delivered within 7 business days or less.

 Q- How can I order your products?

A- We have 3 options for ordering:

1. You can order through our website www.hoosiermeatcompany.com using any credit card or Paypal.

2. You can order by calling/texting 317-509-8078 and we can get your payment info over the phone or email you an invoice.

3. You can send us an email with your order and we can get your payment info over email or we can email you an invoice.

Q- How does shipping work?

A- We ship orders Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Any orders received after Tuesday at 11:59 PM will ship the following week.  Therefore, if you place an order on Monday it will arrive the same week.  However, if you place an order on Friday it will ship out the following Monday/Tuesday and arrive at your door by Thursday.  Checkout our shipping page for more info.