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Shipping Info

All orders will arrive at your doorstep within 7 business days of placing the order.  Due to our products being perishable, we ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure deliveries arrive by the weekend.  Any orders received after Tuesday at 11:59 pm will be shipped the following week.  Therefore if you place an order on Friday it will ship out the following Monday.  However if you place an order on Wednesday it will also ship on the following Monday.  You can contact us if there is a need for a special order.

We use Fedex 2-day and Fedex Express for shipments.  If you are in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky or Michigan your order will ship overnight.  All other states will be 2-3 days once the package is shipped out, or there is an option for overnight delivery for an extra charge. You will receive a confirmation email on your order from Fedex for when delivery should be expected. 

Our products are shipped in Styrofoam coolers like the picture below.  Packages will have either dry ice or gel packs to ensure they remain frozen.  If your cooler still has dry ice upon shipment be cautious when removing products due to dry ice being harmful when touched with bare hands.  Your meat will be frozen or slightly thawed upon arrival.  All meats should be put in the refrigerator or freezer depending on when they will be consumed.

Please note that Hoosier Meat Company only offers refunds on packages that have been damaged upon arrival from Fedex and caused the products to spoil.  

If you have questions about shipping you can call us at (877)-282-9718 or email us at info@hoosiermeatcompany.com.